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Search showing raw markup instead of human-readable text
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Steps to reproduce:

What I expect: a human-readable summary of the articles.

What happens: the articles are summarized with raw markup.


Screenshot 2021-10-12 150904.png (504×937 px, 75 KB)

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This is expected behaviour in search, links, etc.. are not supposed to be clickable in summary. Its supposed to be raw markup.

I'm aware the links shouldn't be functional. What I'm saying is that the summaries should have been human-readable.

Screenshot 2021-10-14 180344.png (672×798 px, 113 KB)

(The summary)

Screenshot 2021-10-14 180450.png (109×955 px, 31 KB)

(The actual paragraph. Note that while the links are not functional in the summary, one does not see raw markup either.

This is still expected behaviour. It extracts the first part of pages, if its not human readable, then summaries aren't either.