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Consider removal of the Liberty skin
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Almost all past versions I believe there has been at least some issues with the Liberty skin. With 1.37, it doesn't seem to load resources, and it seems the developers don't really care about maintaining compatibility with latest stable MediaWiki, they only care about maintaining compatibility with the latest LTS.

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Blocker of a high priority task so should be high by definition

Since it's not maintained and has issues, I agree that we should remove it until a proper compatible version exists.

While, yes, this is an SRE matter, I do think that this should be removed.

Liberty is tagged as unstable, latest version is 1.35, but there are a handful of incompatibilities

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After discussing with @Agent_Isai we think it best that we remove it a bit before the MW upgrade and provide a notice before to all wikis which have it enabled explaining why it's being removed. Moving to 'Normal' as it doesn't require any current action in itself until the upgrade time is decided.

Possible sitenotice for all affected wikis:

The Liberty skin will be removed on X Month, 2021 in preparation for the upcoming upgrade to MediaWiki 1.37 due to lack of compatibility with new MediaWiki releases. Please see <CN link> for more information.

Possible Community noticeboard notice:

== Removal of the Liberty skin ==


SRE wishes to inform the community that the [[mw:Skin:Liberty|Liberty]] skin will be removed in preparation for Miraheze's upgrade to MediaWiki 1.37 on X Month, 2021, due to lack of compatibility with MediaWiki 1.37. While testing the skin on MediaWiki 1.37, page contents loaded incorrectly and unstyled due to resources not loading. As this skin is not compatible with the latest release of MediaWiki, we will have to remove it before upgrading. 

Miraheze offers [[Skins|many skins]] to choose from. Affected wikis who '''have the Liberty skin enabled as the default''' are encouraged to move from the Liberty skin to one of Miraheze's other skin offerings. You can enable new skins at Special:ManageWiki/extensions -> Skins on your wiki and set it as the default at Special:ManageWiki/settings -> Styling. Note that once the skin is removed '''''and''''' if it is your default skin, you'll be moved to the Vector skin automatically. '''If you don't have the skin enabled as the default, no further action is required.'''

Thank you for your understanding, ~~~~

Let me know if you have any suggestions for these drafts.

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NOTE: 8 wikis have it set as their default skin, and 223 wikis have it enabled.
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I will go ahead with this tomorrow.

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