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Add custom response for wiki requests
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There is no reason why canned responses should be required. Moreover, it is not okay that wiki creators have to speak words someone else wrote. Canned responses should be optional with the option to allow users to type a message by default

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Moving to low priority as all development related tasks are currently.

Personally I would favour a new system of measuring a requests quality (in line with allowing canned responses to be entirely optional) that AI would use to determine how much weight each request should have in terms of determining quality.

Canned responses have shown by far to not affect the quality of requests coming through and instead seem to be cause confusion and disagreement among wiki creators instead of improving the quality of requests as originally hoped.

Yeah, I just recently found out that they were being used for AI purposes. I opposed the AI being a thing at all to begin with, but if it's actively hindering the experience for humans that is definitely a big problem

I wouldn't favour removing canned responses. I suppose I could potentially support a custom response, or at least a response option that said, "Please see the 'request comments' tab for more details." My main issue with the current UI is the HTML form type used for the "request comments" tab. Previously, it was compatible with my web browser's auto-complete function, but since the field size was made larger, as part of that, it's no longer compatible. Thus, my own repeatedly used no longer populate in my web browser's drop-down box. So I'd like to see that changed to the previous HTML form type. That being said, I definitely agree that this is a low priority task, as we have a lot more urgent task priorities at the moment.

@RhinosF1 This is not long term, it is currently impossible to review wiki requests unless you copy and paste someone else's text. That is a big problem which has gone on for way too long already and it definitely is not something that should just continue for even longer

Fully agree with John's take. I would say I've observed some of that confusion occur with the end user as well wondering about particular phrasing that may not have been best suited. I'm inclined to see the qualifiers become more general and let WCs use discretion in amending the description (through one post) to make notations.

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