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Consider removing raw i18n files from rsync
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We currently copy:
to every mw*

I can't see an obvious need for this and if we made extension-list use staging and built directly from there we would:

  • remove the dependancy on --world for i18n updates
  • speed up the deployment as it would have less work
  • save 200MB in disk space which will only increase

Any thoughts?

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RhinosF1 created this task.

extension-list requires database and working file system access, it won't work in staging. No MediaWiki maintenance script will, as far as I know. They all depend on a working mediawiki as Maintenance.php does.

You can update the extension-list file (which is only used as far as I know to build i18n) to point to staging and get all data from there during the script. The script would still run from deployed.