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Investigate Missing PSU on cloud12
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This is low priority because of T8545, as we don't currently have redundant power anyway.

The PSU in slot 1 on cloud12 is displaying as "Not Installed", while the unused ones on cloud10 and cloud11 are showing "Failed". Failed is fine, as they are not plugged in - however "Not Installed" presents a problem as the PSU isn't connected to the power port and its presence is therefore not known.

Hopefully this should just require reseating the PSU, but further investigation should take place just in case.

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John triaged this task as Low priority.Dec 30 2021, 13:05
John created this task.

I have planned to go Friday late afternoon to complete the work for this task.

PSU was reseated and now appears to the iLO. Plugging in a power cable also produces power to the server.