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Import for wikicryptoswiki
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Every time I try to import content from another Wiki on the Special:Import page, the page loads for a while and then the 502 Bad Gateway error appears.

When I go back to my wiki, I realize that part of the import was done but not all.

Do you have a solution?


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We will need to complete your import server side.

Please email the XML to sre[at]

It's done, the file has been sent but what if I want to import a page afterwards? Do I still have to go through you?

Only if the XML is too big. Unfortunately there's not an amazing amount of method behind what too big actually is.

Okay, if there are no other solutions.
Did you receive my e-mail?

Universal_Omega renamed this task from 502 Bad Gateway to Import for wikicryptoswiki.Jan 3 2022, 06:37

Do you know how much longer it will take?

Hi, your import is currently in progress. Please note that depending on the size it may take a while until it's completed