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SSL for custom domain:
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Wiki URL:

Your custom domain:

Do you want Let's Encrypt: Yes

We have forwarded (CNAME) to We are not using cloudflare proxying and would love if Miraheze would provide us with a LE Cert. Thank you. OzJD.

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Ozjd renamed this task from SSL for custom domain: to SSL for custom domain: 23 2022, 06:45

if Miraheze would provide us with a LE Cert.

As far as I know, you will not be given a private copy of the certificate, Miraheze will generate one on their end then use it on their own web server. Correct me if I am wrong @Reception123

@Naleksuh maybe I should have been clearer, I would like Miraheze to obtain a LE certificate for use on the wiki. I don't actually need a copy of it.

Ah okay, that makes sense. I thought you meant Miraheze sending you the certificate. Yeah, just generating one makes more sense.

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