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Create subcategories/tags in ManageWiki/WikiDiscover
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To make even better use of categorisation and allow users to find wikis via WikiDiscover, I think it would be worth adding subcategories to the existing rather broad categories.

Ideally, a wiki could still choose not to select a subcategory and just stick with the main one if they wish.

@Agent_Isai Could you start a discussion on Meta about this?

In addition, I also think since subcategories could be quite numerous we'd need to figure out a process of how (and who) ultimately decides what subcategories will exist for each main one.

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Reception123 created this task.

I have been thinking about this briefly, I have seen people complain in the past with "but my wiki spans multiple categories", why don't we consider wiki tags instead of categories? That way we can define many/infinite list of wiki 'tags' and a wiki can select multiple that suite their wiki needs. This would allow fine grain searching for wiki discovery while prevent the problem of "but the categories are not specific enough or not expansive".

That would be an interesting idea to consider. Perhaps then the Request for Feedback should focus on that idea.

Reception123 renamed this task from Create subcategories in ManageWiki/WikiDiscover to Create subcategories/tags in ManageWiki/WikiDiscover.Feb 22 2022, 06:48