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Create a formal Incident Response/Management Process
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We’ve formalised a lot over the past few months, however Tech:Incidents on Meta is still guidelines and doesn’t cover clear approaches to what is an incident, what isn’t and what must be reported and what can be left to discretion.

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John triaged this task as Normal priority.Feb 19 2022, 18:41
John created this task.

For the record, Tech:Incidents looks good to me.

Considering this resolved. John has made edits to the original Tech:Incidents guideline page which addressed this task. No objections have been made clear in almost a year since those edits were made, and as mentioned above I also have none. Therefore, the page is now policy and should be followed. Any suggestions for changes can be made afterwards.

The blocker on this task is actually unresolved

Reopening per above, didn't realise.