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Reconsider reimplementation of Widgets
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At the end of 2020, the Extension Widgets was removed from Miraheze due to a security exploit regarding static functions that could do really large amounts of damage. At the time, Widgets was probably one of the 10 most used extensions on Miraheze.
However, the exploit, discovered on 08-12-2020 was quickly fixed (in 11-12-2020), and since then the extension had no reported security problems and it is still actively used by very large wikis outside of Miraheze, including some FANDOM/Gamepedia wikis, which I really doubt they would keep an insecure extension with that large userbase.
With this, I would like to request a reconsideration of readding the extension to the Miraheze catalog, as it is an extremely useful plugin that can, a lot of time, substitute some awkward available extensions.
Of course, this is not a priority, but would be good to see everyone's opinion on this matter.

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I'm declining this. I don't think our views have changed since we removed it. Nor do I think there's much scope within the team to perform a security review.