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Remove MagicNumberedHeadings extension
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It seems all functionality to set NumberedHeadings was removed with as ParserOptions::setNumberHeadings was removed. I have not investigated any possible replacement, but seems unlikely. The extension will likely not work with the upcoming 1.38 release.

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Universal_Omega created this task.

Should likely be communicated to the community.

Community notified with *lots* of anticipation. I will repost this announcement and will enable a sitenotice once the upgrade draws near (say, 2-3 weeks from the upgrade?).

Reception123 changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Mar 17 2022, 06:02

Moving to stalled as this is pending the upgrade and there is no reasons to have a task open for something that will only be done shortly before the upgrade.

Agent_Isai lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.Apr 1 2022, 19:31

Reassigning to "Low" priority as it's something to be done once MediaWiki 1.38 is released.

As for alternatives--sorry for the weeks-long delay here--we may be in luck thanks to Krinkle's CSS snippet at (via Wikimedia T284921).