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Review RandomUsersWithAvatars
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From a security perspective, this extension is approved. @Arcane21 we weren't planning on putting this on another high-traffic page, were we? It disables parser cache on the page. Actually what is the use case?

Oh, and as usual, the extension bug I filed after reading the code:

It would be used on the main page only.

See the main page of this wiki for a use case scenario:

Also, aware of the possible issue, won't be a problem.

If need be, I was going to give my bot account an avatar like my main account to sidestep the bug, but that is not necessary at this time.

So, the main page is the high traffic page I was concerned about. Installing this extension to use on the main page is prohibited without code changes. I could easily write an addition to this like <randomuserswithavatars cached count=15 row=5/>. As you saw in the thread about RandomSelection, @Southparkfan doesn't like doing code changes not in the main extension. As my bugs filed against Ashley extensions are getting zero attention, even when I give him code, we're never getting anything like a cached attribute in the upstream either. And as you only want to use it in the main page, we can't use it at all without code changes.

Seeing no viable path forward with stupid people and stupid software, this extension is declined.