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DBQueryError (DPL3-related)
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As stated in previous correspondence here, my creative-venture wiki already relies (a lot) on DynamicPageList3, which was adopted during last summer's launch in lieu of Semantic MediaWiki (T7000) and, a few infrastructural deficiencies aside, does its job well for the most part. However...

With the recent upgrade to 3.4.x, two parameters seem to crash DPL3-powered sites whenever they are tested out in ExpandTemplates or otherwise. Enter firstrevisionsince and lastrevisionbefore, carryovers from the days when Gero and Alexia led maintenance. (Alexia bowed out of the MediaWiki scene in late 2020, just as "actor migration" issues began to manifest.) According to FollowTheScore's manual, firstrevisionsince denotes "the date of the first revision after the specified date", and lastrevisionbefore "shows only articles which existed before the specified date. The date of the last revision before that date will be shown."

Testing out these specimen variants in ExpandTemplates as this goes to press:

{{#dpl:category=Morphemes added in 2022|firstrevisionsince = 20220101}}

{{#dpl:category=Morphemes added in 2022|lastrevisionbefore = 20220101}}

leads to this MW error message after "OK" has been hit:

A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software.

[7952fe4d3b11f3c86212eaa2] 2022-03-20 21:50:38: Fatal exception of type "Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError"

[068497d38c43b8e8d64e8890] 2022-03-20 21:55:30: Fatal exception of type "Wikimedia\Rdbms\DBQueryError"

(In contrast to counterparts allrevisionsbefore and allrevisionssince, which both actually work.)

Related to my own upstream filing from last December, as well as this third-party report from two months prior (in German) at the GW2Wiki.

I know he's still officially on leave, but since he's the maintainer these days, @Universal_Omega is practically the one to have a gander at this bug and tackle it. (Caught by this contributor late last week; filing planned for yesterday morning; delayed due to personal/wiki-related factors.)

In other news: T8866 (concerning an ongoing slew of 500/502 errors related to certain page titles in my wiki's Entry namespace) is still active with no solution/fix or volunteer followup in sight yet. (Once again, paging @Agent_Isai/@RhinosF1/@Reception123/@John.)

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Bolding triaging this as normal, but can be raised if multiple wikis report publicly experiencing the same issue

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@Routhwick, please leave this as normal. DPL is a poorly (imho) designed extension. We get these sort of niche fatal exceptions from specific wikis all the time. SRE has a lot of tasks in the queue, and I don't see this as needing particularly high priority. Thanks.

Needs stack trace first and foremost.

Closing as invalid, I'll ping @Universal_Omega here though so he's aware and can track it on github if needed. The extension has been upgraded massively but this is a detailed report so hopefully an easy issue track down.

@Routhwick, please leave this as normal.

Sorry, that was me correcting a typo in the filing and not noticing the priority slot beforehand. Hope you understand.

Just to note, this issue should now be fixed.

Can confirm it through ExpandTemplates testing. Case closed--thanks again!