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Migrate revision_actor_temp usage back to the revision table
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The steps will likely be as follows:

  • Run maintenance/migrateRevisionActorTemp.php
  • Set $wgActorTableSchemaMigrationStage to SCHEMA_COMPAT_WRITE_TEMP_AND_NEW | SCHEMA_COMPAT_READ_NEW to allow for rollback if issues come (leave for at least a couple days/weeks potentially)
  • Set $wgActorTableSchemaMigrationStage to SCHEMA_COMPAT_NEW
  • Drop the revision_actor_temp table.

We also need to determine whether we still need to do migrateImageCommentTemp.php or if we already did that, as well as how to proceed with migrating revision_comment_temp. It seems the migrateComments.php script did the reverse (uses the temp table for usage with migration) and it doesn't seem the SCHEMA_COMPAT_NEW yet exists for this, and $wgCommentTableSchemaMigrationStage was removed from core. However the same thing was done for $wgActorTableSchemaMigrationStage until it was readded in 1.37, in order to support migration back to the revision table. By that standards, it seems to reason the same would eventually be done for this, if it wasn't already supposed to be done. But as far as I can tell, their is no migration from revision_comment_temp as of yet. I'm not exactly certain how this is all supposed to work.

I could be wrong in the steps or process as well, as I'm definitely not an expert in how this process is suppose to work.