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Hi, your import is currently in progress. Please note that depending on the size it may take a while until it's completed.

Your import has now finished!

Thank you for importing all of the wiki pages so quickly, but what about all of the images that also need to be imported? They're all contained in the second link I listed. Do I need to create another task for those?

No, no need for another task, maybe @Reception123 missed it, he should get to it as soon as possible.

@Clarasiir Sorry about that, I thought the second link was an alternative source, I didn't realise it was images. Will do now.

@Clarasiir MegaNZ says that my in browser storage is full and isn't letting me continue the download, so not sure what to do.

I haven't had that happen before, but I found this guide that might help?

One of the suggestions the site makes is to try a different browser, so if it helps, I use Firefox and that's always worked for me.

Your import has now finished!