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Create automated system for managing import requests
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With almost all imports no longer working via Special:Import (T8892) the idea of automating the process of importing seems tempting (even if that issue was resolved, it still does). Instead of having to request imports via Phabricator and wait days as well as have SRE have to do a repetitive process including SCP, it would be much better to use a system similar to Special:RequestWiki or Special:GlobalRenameRequest where the request is made and someone just needs to click a button.

Of course there are security implications to this which is why it is necessary to take very good care in making sure that it is completely secure and not exploitable.

In order to have a more phased approach, two stages would probably be best

Stage 1:

  1. Set up the general framework for uploading (via Special:Upload on if possible - if not alternative)
    1. Potentially have a way to automatically delete files after X amount of days, but that can be done later
  2. Set up Special:ImportRequest and Special:ImportRequestQueue (based on current Special:RequestWiki or even Special:GlobalRenameRequest) - only as far as giving a command for a sysadmin to paste into the command line, no automation

Stage 2:

  1. Set up running the maintenance script automatically after the SRE member clicks "Approve"
  2. Make sure that there is complete validation and no chance of insertion

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Reception123 created this task.

I will begin work for the new extension for this. Although what should we call it? Extension:ImportDump, Extension:Import, Extension:RequestImportDump, Extensuon:RequestImport, or something else?

Yeah, I think ImportDump sounds good and works with the already existing DataDump

ah, this is interesting! and I would be so interested in writing a documentation for the extension when need arises.