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Request for Outh2 consumer client approval for ID 9d641669f3adc6d56cdedb54350ea77b
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I would like to request for consumer client approval of the development OAuth2 client for the Verification Endpoint API Discord bot and details about how we implement it are within this wiki page on Recap Time squad Wiki.

Due to how we deploy stuff in Autocode (we use separate OAuth client ID-secret combo for production, among other secrets), I would like to approve the development OAuth client first, and then I'll request for the production one soon when start shipping features to production in the future. I would also like to remove the OAuth1.0a version of it with its client ID a09e77cfd46050e4d875af5e09579c77 since I decided to use the OAuth2 version of it instead.

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Is the code available to review?

I'd also rather we do these through meta

Is the code available to review?

Currently since I code stuff straight to Autocode, let me export it to an Git repo later and ask it within Community/Stewards’ noticeboard.

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