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Investigate why spam blacklist hits are not logged
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Wiki: testwiki

Problem: When a user attempts to add an URL in the spam blacklist (the local or global spam blacklist log), the attempt is thwarted, but no log entry is made. This is a problem for Stewards and the Counter Vandalism Team members for properly being able to assess problems or false-positives, and, so, there must be a public log. Local administrators should also find it useful, too

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a URL to the MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist (local spam blacklist page)
  2. Attempt to add the URL to any page on that wiki, from a user account not exempt from the spam blacklist
  3. Attempt should be thwarted, but no log entry is made in the spam blacklist log

TestWiki's spam blacklist log: permalink

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I'm pretty sure the log is explicitly private for good reason.

I'm pretty sure the log is explicitly private for good reason.

Is that documented anywhere?

Personally, I feel having it log would be more useful to sysops etc. than it not being logged and the number of false positives being potentially quite high.

Probably in phab's history. It was to do with PII I think.

I think I was thinking title blacklist as it looks like the config has been this way since early days.

Just noting but WMF seems to allow the blacklist to be publicly visible by default.

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