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Can we have the darkvector skin
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https://lainwiki.miraheze.orgreplace here with link to your wiki

We're requesting to get the [|darkvector] skin that resembles our original wiki.

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Reception123 edited projects, added Extensions; removed MediaWiki.

That is unfortunately not possible, please see T6693. However, it is possible to use instead.

Hello, It seems to work but, not as good as the DarkVector skin itself. Some issues, are the blue text on the sidebar which is unreadable when you've click on it and it becomes a darker shade. When you go to restricted pages such as preferences, etc. It goes back to normal Vector and some parts of the page are still in Vector like the buttons for Discussion, View History, Edit, Read, Star, even after I copy pasted the CSS code exactly. If those were fixed then using it would be fine, but I don't know how to use CSS unfortunately.