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Run the changePropertyDataType.php against P386/P387
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Before disabling the Wikibase Local Media extension (Since it seems more like a useless extension for gratisdata), this needs to be done to avoid any breaking result.
The P386 and P387 properties on gratisdata currently have datatype Media file, It has to be changed to Commons media file, before disabling the extension.

Please run the changePropertyDataType.php script against these properties (P386 and P387).

The syntax would look like;

Wikibase/repo/maintenance/changePropertyDataType.php --wiki=gratisdatawiki --property-id P386 --new-data-type commonsMedia, for P386; and

Wikibase/repo/maintenance/changePropertyDataType.php --wiki=gratisdatawiki --property-id P387 --new-data-type commonsMedia, for P387