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Error generating thumbnails
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For the last couple of days now, when uploading a new .svg file to my wiki, it fails to render a thumbnail on the file upload pages, as well as generating an error when creating the various automatic default .png view sizes. The .svg files itself uploads fine, and seems to render properly when the .svg is used as a file/image on an actual article page as long as the pixel size is defined as being under 140px or smaller.

The error message is shown in the screenshot on the right when you clock on any of the auto generated file size links.

Here is a link to a recently uploaded .svg file being used on a page at 140px which renders fine:

Here is the actual .svg file which renders fine natively:

And here is the .svg page where you can see the broken autogenerated thumbnail(s):

This is also occurring now with some svg files which previously uploaded and had thumbnails generate without issue, but are now not generating new thumbnails when rendering on an article page in a new size, etc.

Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.

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Error creating thumbnail: (process:3576116): Gtk-WARNING **: 18:03:07.839: Locale not supported by C library. Using the fallback 'C' locale. Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused Failed to get connection ** (inkscape:3576116): CRITICAL **: 18:03:07.923: dbus_g_proxy_new_for_name: assertion 'connection != NULL' failed ** (inkscape:3576116): CRITICAL **: 18:03:07.923: dbus_g_proxy_call: assertion 'DBUS_IS_G_PROXY (proxy)' failed ** (inkscape:3576116): CRITICAL **: 18:03:07.923: dbus_g_connection_register_g_object: assertion 'connection != NULL' failed ** (inkscape:3576116): WARNING **: 18:03:08.667: Fonts dir '/usr/share/inkscape/fonts' does not exist and will be ignored. SPIPaint::read: No valid object or document! SPIPaint::read: No valid object or document! SPIPaint::read: No valid object or document! ** (inkscape:3576116): WARNING **: 18:03:09.002: attribute 'clip-path' given as CSS Background RRGGBBAA: ffffff00 Area 0:0:77.38:70.5 exported to 512 x 466 pixels (635.203 dpi) /srv/mediawiki/w/vendor/wikimedia/shellbox/src/Command/ line 95: 3576115 Killed /usr/bin/timeout $SB_WALL_CLOCK_LIMIT /bin/bash -c "$1" 3>&-
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The file in question does not work on my own wiki either, with Inkscape, but it does appear to work with ImageMagick.