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Some GIFs not loading
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May 15 2022, 11:45
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Some (but not all) of the GIFs in the Rain World wiki are failing to load for some (but not all) users.
Examples: Jetfish

image.png (404×1 px, 311 KB)

Worm Grass

image.png (378×727 px, 150 KB)

It appears that it's specifically the thumbnails for the GIFs that are failing to load. The requests to give a 302 response, and the new location at has given me a few different errors including 502, 503, and 504. Examples of responses for the issue GIFs on the Worm Grass page:

image.png (47×771 px, 4 KB)
image.png (46×723 px, 4 KB)

On the File namespace page for some GIFs, the GIF itself loads fine but the thumbnails(?) don't load properly, whether the GIF is visible on the pages it's used in or not:
issue GIF from the Worm Grass page:

image.png (23×683 px, 2 KB)
image.png (173×733 px, 16 KB)

non-issue GIF from the Worm Grass page:
image.png (47×680 px, 4 KB)
image.png (23×666 px, 2 KB)

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Cashewww updated the task description. (Show Details)
RhinosF1 triaged this task as Normal priority.May 15 2022, 13:27

I had a quick check and I don't see much useful logwise.

I tried running convert manually and it's very slow.

All the mentioned GIF images are loading for me.

They are also loading for me. @Cashewww Could you please confirm if this is still an issue?

Yes, myself and some others are still experiencing this

An update: We've been able to make gallery gifs visible by changing gallery width and height parameters to fit the largest image dimensions in that gallery.

When the gallery dimensions are smaller than the images themselves, the images do not resize and instead do not load.

1.png (406×867 px, 235 KB)

2.png (30×303 px, 1 KB)

3.png (59×315 px, 11 KB)

4.png (32×338 px, 7 KB)

The same issue happens when gallery parameters are not set; the thumbnails do not load.

2.png (210×374 px, 46 KB)

1.png (82×373 px, 4 KB)

We've also been able to make the two non-gallery thumbnails visible by changing the image from |thumb to |frame:

1.png (24×520 px, 2 KB)

2.png (240×352 px, 19 KB)

3.png (29×518 px, 2 KB)

4.png (298×445 px, 42 KB)

Obviously these are not ideal workarounds as the smaller gallery images now have whitespace to the sides and frames affect text differently.

Kind regards