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Remove the LocalisationUpdate extension
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It is longer maintained upstream, and already removed from the MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle (MLEB):

Thanks to @Lens0021 for pinging me on the upstream task.

Also pinging @John on this task, since you had objections the last time we considered removing it, though this time it actually is being dropped upstream it seems.

CC @Agent_Isai as well, though since this is just used in the backend, I have doubts if a notification to the community is actually necessary.

If there are no objections from other members of SRE (@RhinosF1, @Reception123 also?) I will remove this extension shortly.

Additionally, it really isn't necessary anymore, since i18n updates from translatewiki are now always backported to maintained release branches, so we can more maintain an updated MediaWiki repo to keep i18n up-to-date.

Removing steps (giving here because theres more steps then normal to remove LocalisationUpdate):

  • Remove from mw-config
    • GlobalExtensions.php
    • GlobalSettings.php (configuration settings)
    • extension-list
    • Run deploy-mediawiki --config --pull=config --l10n --servers=all
  • Remove MediaWiki submodule
    • REL1_37
    • REL1_38
    • Run deploy-mediawiki --world --extension-list --servers=all
  • Cleanup submodule from servers (only done on mwtask111 and test101)
    • Run sudo -u www-data rm -rf /srv/mediawiki-staging/w/extensions/LocalisationUpdate
    • Run deploy-mediawiki --world --l10n --extension-list --servers=all
  • Remove from puppet
    • Daily l10nupdate cron (first needs ensure => absent to stop it, then needs completely removed)
    • l10nupdate step from deploy-mediawiki
  • Remove all remaining leftovers from l10nupdate cache files from mwtask111 and test101 (sudo -u www-data rm /srv/mediawiki/cache/l10nupdate-*)