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Markers from Kartographer returns 404
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Okay, I noticed this a long time, but I thought it was at my end probably, but I am not so sure now.
OpenStreetMap markers return a 404 error code when Inspecting a page that uses coordinates or maps.
One of the errors you'd spot on console is;

and also

Let take the coordinate location example on the;

The marker doesn't load.

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@Ugochimobi Doesn't this seem like an issue with OpenStreetMap rather than Miraheze?

Hmm, what I see is, it seems the markers are now located in a different location

Universal_Omega claimed this task.,13,55.751938888889,37.609719444444,310x180.png?lang=en& returning 404 is an issue with OpenStreetMap or the way you are using it, not anything to do with Miraheze, so due to that I am going to go ahead and close this as invalid, since no action taken by us.

However in the event it is something on Miraheze that causes mismatches, it may have to do with some of the configs you set for it. Potentially $wgWBRepoSettings['useKartographerGlobeCoordinateFormatter']

If you would like us to remove that and see we can, but other than that likely an issue with openstreetmap so I must close this as invalid then.