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DiscussionTools disabled on pollandballwiki due to jobs issue
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DiscussionTools (which was mostly unused) was disabled in their local capacity by @Agent_Isai on my advice as it was spawning constant recordLint jobs by triggering reparses of pages.

I manually set off a reparse last night of the wiki to hopefully reduce any stale data but we should try and better understand why. The pages were random, not even talk pages and not edited in weeks or months.

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RhinosF1 created this task.

recordLint runs on both runners, maybe it failed on mw* and I'm missing the logs as to why from last night.

There's a few memory errors but nothing directly from a job

There's a few DB Connection timed outs for runJobs.php but nothing often / large enough to indicate it could cause huge backlogs.

No recent issues due to it so closing as resolved.