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Determine number of 'real' users / active users
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This is probably one of the lowest priority tasks on here but even so I think it's interesting/important to be able to have a somewhat accurate number of how many users we've got, considering all the spam creations over the years before ReCaptcha v3 we really have no idea how many genuine people have signed up.

Therefore, we should figure out something that (at least on a one time basis) allows us to get a count for all users with 1 or more edits and preferably all users who had 1 edit in 2021.

Extension:GlobalContributions does exist but has major performance issues so that's not an option at this time. What I'd suggest trying is some sort of script or something, but I'm not sure whether this would be possible. If not, feel free to decline this.

Potentially what could be done would be to run a query on every wiki and then combine the calculations, but I'm not sure how resource intensive that would be, and we of course wouldn't want to affect user performance because of this

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Reception123 created this task.
> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM global_edit_count WHERE gec_count > 0;
stdClass Object
    [COUNT(*)] => 52129