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Logo image set as wordmark; unable to revert
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Since I have bureaucrat permissions on massivestardatabasewiki, I tried to test some things for Vector 2022 there. Not realizing the purpose of a wordmark, I set the existing (non-text) logo image as the wordmark. I'm unable to remove the wordmark image. If I try to, I get this message:

The following errors occurred:
No changes were made.

If I try to unset the wordmark while also changing another setting (such as setting the logo image as the icon - I didn't see that field at first), the change goes through and the other setting is changed, but the wordmark image is still there. Am I doing something wrong, is this an issue on Miraheze's end, or is it a bug in MediaWiki?

I brought this up on Discord yesterday; no solution was found. Comments from there:

Agent: Via Graylog, I see that you got this error: Actor ID is null for SevenSpheres and 7
Agent: would require further analysis from a systems administrator
CosmicAlpha: Hmm, then actor ID being null shouldn't be, and maybe been a one time thing. I doubt it's related to wordmark images, I don't understand the problem. Actor ID has nothing to do with wordmarks.
Agent: Graylog tells me that that's the error causing ManageWiki to not save. I also see this error too: Failed to instantiate RC log entry performer. Perhaps the issue is that ManageWiki can't generate a log entry and errors out.
CosmicAlpha: if that were the cause I'd assume not even login would work. I'm mobile right now. I can check the database for the actor ID when I'm on my PC. I'm semi-away until Saturday though.
CosmicAlpha: oh, it might be caching, we may need to purge it from our end. It happens sometimes.

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The upgrade to MediaWiki 1.38 seems to have fixed this issue. I've now removed the wordmark image on the wiki in question.