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  1. Import from Wikipedia (or other similar site)
  2. Fork from other wiki (some users are staying at original wiki)
  3. Migration from other wiki (all or most users are moving to Miraheze)

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@Sheaven Hi, unfortunately without an XML dump we aren't able to directly import HTML files into wikis. There might be a method for you to convert these but I'm not fully sure.

Universal_Omega claimed this task.

Hello, since haven't yet provided an XML file we are able to import, I am going to go ahead and close this as declined. If you are able to aquire an XML file, please use Special:RequestImportDump, our new method for requesting imports to wikis. However, if you have any issues with using that, please reopen this task here. Thank you!

Universal_Omega removed Universal_Omega as the assignee of this task.

Actually, I'll reopen this task until we can determine if it is in fact possible to import the way you already gave. We might be able to import those actually, but I'm not entirely certain.

Thank you for providing the links for converting from HTML, I don't have any expertise in doing this or working with scripts. Would it be possible to have someone help me convert this?

Would this be helpful?

Is the only thing that might work in this case. But there are a couple issues with this.

  • That is only meant to support the oldest version of MediaWiki's XML files (MediaWiki 0.1)
  • It only supports the old version pbworks (when it was still pbwiki)

Because of that, it really won't work without heavy modification and modernisation to the script. I personally don't know perl enough to really successfully modernise it, as my knowledge of perl is of the very basic levels. And I have hardly any knowledge of how pbworks actually operates, so I am not sure how, or even if this can possibly be done, unfortunately.