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Mismatch between license link and logo
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Description least on my wiki.

While the license link in question ("No rights reserved"; CC0/Kopimi) is intact at the bottom of content pages, the "Freedom Defined" icon set via T7916 has been overriden since Sunday by the standard CC-BY-SA logo that graces almost every other Miraheze site, making it look like the whole site falls under that license when it clearly shouldn't/isn't.

After further investigation, I can confirm this bug is also present on the fully copyrighted Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki for a start.

To @Universal_Omega: Will this be automatically rectified by tomorrow's MW 1.38 upgrade, or are some infrastructural tweaks in order before then?

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I very much doubt this will be fixed by the upgrade. Please don't ping specfic sysadmins too.

Both your wiki and jadtechwiki use overrides.

I would assume something has broken the order they take effect.

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Apologies for the issue. It has now been fixed.

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