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Display issue with redirects on "
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is a redirect page to "WikisiteWiki:管理者", but when I open this page, it looks like a redirect from "WikisiteWiki:管理者" to "WikisiteWiki:管理者".

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@Universal_Omega Any ideas why this is happening? It says on the page that the redirect is from "WikisiteWiki:管理者" (which is the exact same page) but when you click it shows the correct page where the redirect is which is 管理者

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No, I personally don't have anything like that.

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This is caused by the Display Title extension I think.

From the documentation:

For redirect pages, if the target page has a display title, it will be used as the display title of the redirect page.

Note that this has two implications that may be unexpected the first time a user sees them. When a page with a display title is moved leaving a redirect, on the page indicating that the move was a success the link text will be the same for both the source and target pages. And, on the Special:WhatLinksHere page for a page with a display title that is the target of a redirect, the link text of the redirect page will be the display title of the target page.

A single level of redirect will be followed.

So it is intentional/at least known behavior of the Display Title extension. Therefore closing as invalid, since no action is needed from us.