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OGG audio files no longer open in new window
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OGG audio files no longer open in a new player window as the video files do. Having them open in a size-controlled new window made it possible for pages to have small play buttons, and thus make pages look and work well for mobile users.

Now, tapping the play button just reverts the display back to the regular, wide player that plays within the window. Tables that once fit just fine on a mobile screen are now stretched out of frame even before any play buttons are clicked, and this default player also has a very small play/pause button difficult to tap on when using mobile.

AudioButtonExample.png (306×1 px, 82 KB)

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Could you please give us a link?

Sure! This is a page that uses a lot of audio files that are in a table:

There are also audio clips used in character infoboxes, and you can see how stretched out that section is now (and was not so before the update, because it opened in a new window):

I am not sure I understand the issue. The change was made upstream, likely intentionally, to make audio files play inline, and it still works for video files to play in the popup dialog. I do not believe there is anything we can do about this.

Well if that's the case, I wish they would have made it optional for audio files to either open in a new window as before or play inline, because now the only way to make the player fit in my sortable tables is to gut the controls and put it in a div with overlap hidden.

Somehow the extension page for TimedMediaHandler shows example audio files that play in a new window still? If it's a change to the extension itself, wouldn't all audio files play inline no matter what wiki they're on?

Opening audio files in a separate window (when the audio file has no subtitles) was actually unintentional behavior and so that was 'fixed' in T246035.

A separate task was created to create a configuration option that lets you open a new window whenever you play an audio file but until that's added in, there appears to be no way to revert this behavior change. Sorry.

That's unfortunate; I guess I'll just stick to the player having a play/pause button and little else so that it can fit within the tables we use. Thanks for letting me know.