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set up Query Service
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"WDQS can be run as a service for any Wikibase instance, not just Wikidata." — I found some quite simpler documentation for WDQS, let's try to set up one if possible.
I found out that it is simpler to follow the instructions laid down here and the one laid down here.

We can gradually do this if possible.

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Ugochimobi triaged this task as Normal priority.Jun 20 2022, 13:31
Ugochimobi created this task.

Blazegraph is far too unstable. This would be a massive hog on resources.

There's only no native support for multiple wikis so this would be 6GB memory needed and a fair bit of sysadmin time.

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After a short discussion on IRC, I think it's best that this is declined for the time being. We don't have many resources to spare and without a larger number of people asking for a service we can't afford to spend 6GB memory on such a project.