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[Existing] Server Resource Request for matomo101
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Number of servers requested: N/A
Service: matomo101
Processor: N/A
Memory: extra 1 or 2 gb of ram
Disk: N/A
Network: N/A

Justification for request: matomo is ram intensive especially as it's receiving all traffic from hundreads of thousands of requests. according to it needs more ram (swap seems to be causing high load).

Endorsement by Engineering Manager (MediaWiki) or Site Reliability Engineer: @Reception123 / @John

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Seems fine with me if we have the necessary RAM to allocate.

we have 10g left on cloud10 according to grafana. 50g in use right now although I guess that's in use and that in actual total it'll be closer.

Approved for 1GB - though looking at grafana, its never had 100% memory usage, so this is precautionary rather than reactive.