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Requesting to add extension "PageProperties" on
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We'd like to add the extension "PageProperties" which would make it easier for us to fill in the SEO meta tags on our wiki as we really badly need to improve our SEO and this have some useful tools for us to use to make that process easier.

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Hi, we have taken note of your request to install a new extension, however for security reasons Miraheze reviews all new extensions to make sure that they are secure for use, so this will have to be done first.

Is there any reason why WikiSEO cannot be utilized?

Is there any reason why WikiSEO cannot be utilized?

Not really, WikiSEO is useful but this has a few enhancers, as you can quickly apply keywords and settings all across the wiki by one click (you can apply the mainpage SEO settings to the entire wiki). It's also easier if you want to have specific settings on specific pages as personally I can't remember the WikiSEO code and have to search the documentation every time I want to have a specific setting. In PageProperties you can select options from a drop-down and it's much more convenient.