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Hello. I want to redesign my website and it already has problems. Can you reset my website with all its data?

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I have a problem. My site was not indexed in google anyway. However, in the recent past I wanted a new field. But my space is enough for me. However, I want my site to be reset with all the data in it. I will be really happy if this is accomplished in a short time. Because I have new plans for my site. In other words, I want my site to be restored to the way it was when it was first given to me. Please delete all my data and give me back my site from day one. Thank you.

Sorry for the translation. My English learning work continues.

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Hello, can you complete this task when you have time? If you do not have a miraheze subscription on the website, I get an "internal error" error. Thanks.

Your wiki reset is now complete. If you experience login issues after this please follow these instructions: Open the private browsing mode of your web browser and login, and go to Special:UserLogout. Next, open the regular browsing mode of your web browser, delete your cookies for * and try and login again

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