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Cargo data is not storing on specific pages
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Example page is Under the "Releases" section, we use Template:Release, which stores the data into the releases table. When I made this edit, which doesn't even touch the Releases section, Cargo removed the row from the releases table (query). At least one other page, The End Is the Beginning Is the End, seems to have the same problem.

I reached out for support from the Cargo maintainers, and was informed the best way to debug this is to use the cargoRecreateData.php maintenance script and see what it outputs.

Could someone run php cargoRecreateData.php --table releases --replacement for me, and let me know what it says? Please contact me on IRC before doing this (nick musikanimal), and make sure I'm around in case we need to take any quick action. The --replacement flag should mean it goes into a replacement table. What I definitely want to avoid is accidentally nuking the whole releases table and not being able to rebuild it.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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I tried running before, and it errored, then I had to go, but now I realised why it errored, I made a typo in command. Done now, successfully, but the script did output a ton of notices:

Notice: Undefined index: wgCargoLegacyNullLuaFieldsAsEmptyString in /srv/mediawiki/w/extensions/Cargo/includes/CargoLuaLibrary.php on line 94

Thanks! This unfortunately only temporarily solved the problem. Re-saving any of the effected pages again removes the row from the db. I have relayed this information to the maintainer, Yaron, but I need more help debugging what's going during those page saves, and why the maintenance script seems to work without issue. I'll comment here again when I know more.

It's been 6+ months, and I've lost a lot of data. Could someone please run php cargoRecreateData.php --table releases --replacement for solarawiki again?

I may occasionally re-request this, until the underlying issue is actually fixed. The Cargo maintainer has no idea why it isn't working. It seems to be unique to Miraheze.