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Integrate backups into deleteWikis.php
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Currently I regularly do XML backups for all wikis that are deleted and store them in my homedir for a period of time (usually around a year and a half). These backups are sometimes requested by users who didn't realise their wikis were deleted and are relieved that their content wasn't lost.

Rather than having this informal process I'd propose we do the following:

  1. Generate XML backups for all wikis as part of the deleteWikis.php process right before wikis are permanently deleted
  2. Store these XML backups on mwtask* for around 18 months
  3. Automatically send emails on permanent deletion to all bureaucrats informing them that backups are available for 18 months and how to recover them.

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Reception123 created this task.

The backups are Miraheze-specific, which we dont want in deleteWikis.php, which is in CW, as our convention is not to include any more Miraheze specific stuff in extensions. If we did this we would have to make a whole new script in MirahezeMagic, which in my opinion is duplicating code, and making it a bit harder to maintain. If you really want us to do it we may be able to figure something out, but in my opinion no solution here is really ideal.

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