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Import rosettacode
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I'll have a ~17GiB XML import for the rosettacode wiki ready for import in a couple hours. It compresses down to 104MiB.

When it's ready, I'll email a link to it to; I don't think I'll be able to send a 104MiB email attachment.

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Just noting that your email was received.

After discussing with a colleague I was able to confirm that this was the wiki, so I'll be proceeding with the import.

Your import is now in progress. Please note that due to the very large size of the XML dump it's likely to take a long time (I would say at the very least around a day)

Sounds good. LMK when it's complete; I'll need to file subsequent tasks around getting the domain pointed over, and I'll need to have the "Imported > Short Circuit" edit authorships replaced with "MikeMol".

It's now complete!