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Is it possible to redirect new users to a specific ns when creating new pages?
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I don't know if it requires an extention, a configuration change or such, but the italian Wikipedia is experimenting a new feature that makes new users automatically create new pages in a specific, non indexed namespace, no matter the namespace they want to create the new page in, so that new pages from untrusted users can be triaged before going live.

Our wiki would like to try this system to help preventing subpar pages being automatically published, no to mention spam. Is it possible somehow to automate it? I'm aware of Extension:Create_Page but it can be easily circumvented.


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@Wedhro Do you have a link to a page on the Italian Wikipedia explaining this? It could be an extension but I'm not sure unless I see an example of it working.

AFAIK it started on the english Wikipedia, help page here: If a new user attempts creating a new page the usual ways they land on a page suggesting to use the article wizard, that eventually lets you create a page in the Draft ns.

I don't know how it's done, sorry.

Edit: notice how you're redirected to the landing page no matter if you try using the URL to create a new page, like adding ?title=TITLE&action=edit

Hello @Wedhro, I'd love to help you on this but maybe later. You'll need to enable an extension, and do some user rights configurations on ManageWiki, etc.

That would be great, thanks.

Hello @Wedhro. Please head to your wiki's Special:ManageWiki/extensions and enable ArticleCreationWorkflow (the very first extension on the list).
After you enable it, it is now possible to have a page where new users land when they're trying to create a new page.
The default landing page is the "Project:Article wizard" page, new users are redirected there whether the page has content or not. So I'd advise you to create the page "Project:Article wizard" immediately after you enable the extension.
Although this particular page can be configured, that is, if you don't want the landing page to be "Project:Article wizard", you can say so, so that it can be configured appropriately.
Furthermore, the extension comes with a new user right (createpagemainns) which, on English Wikipedia, is given to only (Auto)Confirmed users. So you will have to give the right to the user group that you want to have it. If you also want Auto(confirmed) users, then simply head to your wiki's Special:ManageWiki/permissions/autoconfirmed go to the "Unassigned Permissions" tab and find createpagemainns, tick it and save. You can do the same for all groups that you want to have it.
Note that only groups that have this createpagemainns right can be able to create a page in the main namespace.
If a sysop isn't autoconfirmed and the right is given to only autoconfirmed group, for example, the sysop will not be able to create a page in the main namespace.
It is pretty easy, just sorry for my longggg texttt.

Thanks a lot, I implemented all of the above and now I'll see if it works as intended, and report back if it doesn't. Thanks again.

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Assuming it has per above

I'm reopening this because there's an issue I can't solve. The traditional landing page is actually the page to create so it's possible to include magic words in order to link to pages related to it, which is very helpful. The article wizard instead redirects to a different page so that's no longer possible.

I see the full URL of the article wizard includes the wanted page title as, for example - &page=Page+title - but that doesn't have any visible effect on the landing page. How can I use this feature? In particular, can I still somehow link to other pages based on the wanted but unexisting page?

Looking at the current parameters of your <inputbox> tag, you need to add more parameters.
Your parameters are as follows;

buttonlabel=Inizia a scrivere!
placeholder=titolo della pagina

There are more delicious parameters :) like,


If you want to achieve what Wikipedia have, then add the preload= and the editintro= parameters, especially the preload= parameter. The value for the preload parameter should be a template or a page that contains text that will preload for the user creating the new page, also if you want the articles to be created in a different namespace other than the Mainspace, then you can probably create a Draft: namespace on your wiki where articles that you want to be reviewed should be created in. You can also use the prefix= parameter to make the new pages to be created on the Draft: namespace by adding Draft: as the value for prefix=.
I believe you know how Wikipedia does it, so go through their pages and see things for yourself, they're pretty simple.
If you have any other difficulties please refer to the Community noticeboard on Meta-Wiki as this is already OOS for phabricator.

Actually that's just a temporary fix for the old landing page no longer working. What I need is what the italian Wikipedia has (see this template), with no input box and all those {{PAGENAME}} links that require to already be on the page to create.