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Image import request for:
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Original wiki URL:
Which of the following is your import? (use 'X' in the empty box)

  1. Import from Wikipedia (or other similar site)
  2. Fork from other wiki (some users are staying at original wiki)
  3. Migration from other wiki (all or most users are moving to Miraheze)

I have used Specia:RequestImportDump to import the wiki xml file but I also have a folder with all the images in a drive here:
and would greatly appreciate if they could be imported as well.

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Ugochimobi added a subscriber: Ugochimobi.

Please do not randomly change a task's status. Or were the images imported already, then allow the importer to change the status of the task :)

Since it was closed by the requester, it can be assumed this is no longer needed. If that is not the case, please reopen the task.