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The best AI tools for writing texts will not only create great copy, but will also optimize it for search engines. This can help you get found online, as well as drive more traffic to your website. Here are some of the top AI text generator tools available:

Shortly AI (Now part of Jasper AI) The first AI tool to produce long-form content, Shortly AI is still a very popular choice for writers of all types. Its simple and intuitive interface makes generating articles, blogs, or even product descriptions easy.

It has a unique feature that lets you see where each paragraph came from, making it easy to spot and fix mistakes in your text. Additionally, it can create various paragraphs and sentence structures, including compound sentences and multiple clauses.

Rytr Rytr is a budget-friendly AI website that writes essays for you free with an intuitive and clean user experience. Its free plan lets you create 5,000 words monthly, while its premium plan has more features and unlimited word count.

Its AI-powered technology enables it to create content based on specific keywords and phrases. It can generate high-quality ad copies, social media captions and descriptions, and attractive product descriptions.

The main drawback of Rytr is that it only lets you generate a limited number of free words each month. However, it offers a free trial that lets you run 100 runs of the tool without paying for any of them.

It also has a free plagiarism checker that scans your content for originality. Its customer support is incredibly responsive and can help you solve any issues. Lastly, it has a wide range of templates that can be used to quickly and easily create various types of content, such as product descriptions, headlines, blog posts, and more.

Writer Writer is a popular writing assistant and essay helper free that hundreds of brands have trusted to write excellent marketing copy. Its intelligent algorithm is trained by best-performing content, so it can produce copy that matches your brand guidelines and style.

While it isn’t ideal for those looking for an original and creative way to write, it can be a useful option for businesses that need to write multiple blog posts or other long pieces of content regularly. Its command-based writing interface makes it easy to create great articles or blog posts that are SEO optimized and will get you found online.

Thanks for reading and choose your best tool!

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