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  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Oct 13 2018, 21:03 (52 w, 3 d)
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El Komodos Drago [ Global Accounts ]

Recent Activity

Jan 16 2019

eldrago reopened T3880: Please add ZoomableImages extension as "Open".

Someone with more experience of mediawiki than me has told me that the code can be found on a subpage called code. Any good?

Jan 16 2019, 00:38 · MacFan4000, Configuration

Jan 15 2019

eldrago added a comment to T3880: Please add ZoomableImages extension.

Terribly sorry, no experience of mediawiki extensions. I will have a look at seeing if I can ask for a copy of any of the code.

Jan 15 2019, 08:34 · MacFan4000, Configuration

Dec 11 2018

eldrago created T3880: Please add ZoomableImages extension.
Dec 11 2018, 13:59 · MacFan4000, Configuration

Nov 6 2018

Herald edited projects for T3769: Please add the portable infobox extension, added: Import, MediaWiki; removed Configuration.
Nov 6 2018, 13:42 · Configuration, Extensions