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Miraheze's Future

Written by John on Dec 26 2019, 06:20.

In July 2015, @John and @Southparkfan created a new wiki farm - named Miraheze. Through the use of community crowdfunding and personal investment, Miraheze officially went live in August of 2015. Over the last four and a half years, the project has grown immensely to be one of the largest and most recognisable wiki farms specialising in MediaWiki on offer. Despite the success and evolution, one aspect of Miraheze never changed - formal existence. From 2015 until recently, Miraheze has always existed in the name of one person only, with that person having total legal and financial control over the project. For those who do not know the history of Miraheze, this particular aspect was the downfall of a previous project most of the initial technical volunteer were involved with.


ManageWikiPermissions Reaches the Next Evolution

Written by John on Apr 22 2019, 21:21.

Just over 7 months ago, I announced the release of ManageWikiPermissions. It is fair to say over the past few months, this module of ManageWiki has evolved immensely with many new features and even a page redesign. I can now finally say ManageWikiPermissions is deemed a 'completed feature' which now provides all the functionality most users would want!


Miraheze launches self requested dumps!

Written by Paladox on Apr 6 2019, 18:30.

Miraheze is always looking for improvements! We have improved significantly over the last year! From giving wikis more control over how their wiki is configured to significant infrastructure changes behind the scene.


ManageWikiNamespaces: Collating Pages More Easily

Written by John on Dec 28 2018, 00:16.

After the successful release of ManageWikiPermissions, I embarked upon the next major feature we had planned for ManageWiki, namespace implementation. After what is arguably one of the most successful years for Miraheze, I am pleased to announce that we will be rounding 2018 off with the release of namespace management within ManageWiki - giving Miraheze wikis more features to empower their goals. We are expecting to enable ManageWikiNamespace on all Miraheze wiki at 17:00 UTC on Sunday, 30th of December 2018.


Operations in 2018: The Story So Far!

Written by Paladox on Oct 1 2018, 21:24.

The world doesn't stand still and so don't we. Just like for the past few years, Miraheze's Operations team has been working on major projects. In this blog post we want to explain you what we have been doing in 2018!


Potentially Breaking Security Changes

Written by John on Sep 23 2018, 01:15.

As part of Miraheze's continued commitment to ensuring users privacy and security remains at the forefront of our efforts, we are announcing the intention to drop support for some old and weak TLS versions and TLS Ciphers.


ManageWikiPermissions: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Written by John on Sep 15 2018, 02:15.

Recently, we released the latest development to the ManageWiki project, ManageWikiPermissions. This feature implements new technology into ManageWiki which, to date, we've been unable to use to create performance improvements with and of course allows yet another integral part of a MediaWiki to be customisable by individual wikis quickly.

About All Things Miraheze

This blog will be about progress made in the backend and frontend and also development of our extensions and other things miraheze related.