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Amanda Catherine

Any Maniphest tasks that are assigned to me will be in this project, under the “Assignments” board. Any Maniphest tasks that I simply want to track/keep an eye on will be in this project under the “Tracking” board.

Only myself, operations members, and security team members can modify the details of this tracker. If you notice an error, feel free to contact one of us.

— Amanda Catherine

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Paladox created this project.Aug 5 2018, 00:40
Paladox set this project's color to Checkered.
AmandaCath renamed this project from AmandaCath to Amanda Catherine.Aug 5 2018, 00:45
AmandaCath edited Description. (Show Details)
AmandaCath set this project's icon to Timeline.
AmandaCath removed a hashtag: #user-amandacath.
AmandaCath changed the edit policy from "All Users" to "Custom Policy".
AmandaCath removed a hashtag: #amandacath.
AmandaCath set this project's image to F831330: profile.Aug 5 2018, 00:48
AmandaCath set this project's color to Pink.
AmandaCath archived this project.Aug 28 2019, 00:40