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This project is used for access control within S2. The members of this project have access to security-sensitive tasks.

Do NOT add unauthorized members! Only members belonging to the Technical Team are allowed access. If someone else needs access to a task, please add them as a subscriber.

Event Timeline

Southparkfan set this project's icon to Policy.
Southparkfan set this project's color to Red.
Southparkfan created this object with visibility "Public (No Login Required)".
Southparkfan created this object with edit policy "Administrators".
Southparkfan created this object with join policy "Administrators".
Southparkfan added a member: NDKilla.
Southparkfan renamed this project from Security to acl*security.Jul 1 2020, 21:41
Southparkfan removed a member: Void.
Southparkfan removed a member: Owen.